About Us

RG Direct comes under the corporate ownership of Ranjit Garments. Based in Fiji for more than 37 years, we have offered retailers and clothing distributors some of the finest clothing options available anywhere, exporting high quality garments to Australia and New Zealand.

Ranjit Garments has been supplying the same quality products to both local Fiji business markets as well as to the South Pacific Island export markets for the past seven years through our ‘RG Direct’ division under our own brand label, ‘STYLO’.

We have a diverse selection of stocked Australian/NZ Standard compliant workwear garments that will ensure the safety of your workers.

The Australian/NZ Standard AS/NZS4602.1:2011 specifies the visual requirement for high visibility safety garments for occupational wear by people who may be exposed to hazard from moving traffic, moving plant or equipment in high risk situations.

We pride ourselves in using only the highest quality of raw materials sewn on to our garments to ensure the life of the garment is maximised without compromising the safety and quality for the wearer. Our fabrics are tested to withstand the rigours of workwear.

While wearing our branded STYLO Workwear, you will feel safe and confident that you are protected.